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My earlier venture into blogging was to capture the escapades of my kids. Very soon, I did realise that there was a lot more of stuff that demanded to be "penned down". Not wanting to turn the kids' blog into an "everything under the big blue sky" blog, I decided to start another one - and this is it !! "Anything and everything under the big blue sky" that catches my attention and says "pen me down" will be found here.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One more T Shirt gaffe ...

One of my earlier posts covered a range of weird names which people adopt in Hongkong.

To follow up on that, Vic was coming back home the other day when he found a lady going towards the MTR station.

She was wearing a T-Shirt with the following letters splashed across the bust

"Milk Not Found".

Looks very much like the locals here are going to carry on the quest for the said commodity in right earnest :-))


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