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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A visit to the "beautician"

Yesterday, on the spur of the moment, I decided to go over to this Indian "beautician". Well, not exactly spur of the moment - its been on my mind for a while now cos my eyebrows were once again beginning to look like an overgrown lawn which desperately needed to be mowed down.

Spur of the moment because till yesterday morning I did not have any such plans. And since I was anyway going to that part of HK, I decided to have my hair cut as well. Again, something that was long overdue. My crowing glory has been looking like the Amazon Rainforest for quite some time now.

Went over to the beautician's "parlor" and found that she wasn't there. Her kid was unwell and she had taken the day off. Trust me to time things so perfectly !! Two of her sidekicks were around. Normally I don't let them touch me (my eyebrows I mean) but yesterday the choice was between walking out then and going all the way back some other day or being magnanimous and giving one of the sidekicks some "threading practice".

Told her at the very beginning to be careful with the mole on my right eyebrow - cos otherwise the thread could actually cut thru the mole and then my mole starts bleeding like there is no tomorrow. This is not a figment of my imagination - it has actually happened before !!

My eyebrows are really something. Aside of being bushy, and aside of having a mole on my right eyebrow, I have a scar on my left eyebrow. And she immediately went "Yeh kya hua yahaan". I just told her that it had happened a long time back - a bad cut on the eyebrow. I half expected her to start hollering "Yeeeehh Kya Hua, Kaiiisee Hua, Kab Hua, Kyon Hua" - a la Kishore Kumar. Fortunately she did nothing of that sort.

She was busy wiping the front of her T shirt with a tissue - trying to get a stain off - apparently she had dropped some food on her T shirt which was straining at the seams - actually reminded me of the numerous Republic Day parades which I had seen during my childhood days - the missiles all mounted on those armoured trucks, the missiles looking like they were all ready to take off you know.

My eyebrows are capable of making any beautician's life quite miserable actually - they have to use all the skills they can possibly muster for threading my eyebrows without making me look like Mr.Spock. She was quite OK actually. Then I went ahead and asked her to thread my upper lip as well - God that Hurts !!! BAD !!!!!

Then went to another salon and had my hair cut. This time around the hair cut too was quite similar to what I had wanted.

The last time (last Diwali) I went for a hair cut the "hair stylist" went "chop chop chop" until she had reached well upto my shoulder blades. And the highlights were another story altogether !!!

All in all, that had been one big fiasco !!! And an expensive one at that !!!

This time around "All was well that ended well".


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