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Friday, August 11, 2006

Unique bus habits......

Hongkong was in an uproar over "The Bus Uncle" incident a couple of months back. People travelling in the upper deck of a bus were treated to a teen being sounded off like he probably never has been by an elderly "uncle".

Reason - he was talking too loudly on his mobile phone.

Talking loudly - be it person to person, be it on the phone - is something, everyone who has stayed in HK for some time, accepts as normal behaviour.

Reminded me of what my dad used to say when I was a small kid. We used to live in the ground floor flat in Bombay. Three brothers and their respective families were also residents of the same building - one family on each floor. Sometimes they would just stand on the landing and holler out to the other family which, as I said before, was on the floor above or below, as the case may be. One day, all three families were gathered in one of the houses and the din was quite terrific. This led my dad to mutter - "They are probably discussing a secret issue".

Aside of speaking loudly, there are some other things too that I find rather unusual.

People here do not think twice about trimming/cutting their nails in public and of course, goes without saying, leaving their DNA samples (I mean the cut nails) all over the place.

I've found quite a lot of people who don't think twice before picking their noses in public. One gentleman (I don't know how else to describe someone without sounding rude about it) on the bus was pulling snot out of his nose and then studying it as though it was the subject of his doctoral thesis. Not once, many a times. And then he used to roll it between his fingers and pretty nonchalantly drop it on the floor of the bus. I know this sounds really gross - but then imagine actually seeing it happen !!!

Another favourite habit - mainly among teens - is to chew gum - lots of it - and then roll it up into a ball and stick it rather inconspicously (but well within the "damage doing" range) on bus seats and wait for a scapegoat to plonk rather unceremoniously into it.

Another thing people just love to do it to drink something out of a can or a tetra pack and leave the whole thing wedged on the sides of the seats of the bus.

I don't know where this is leading - but then again - I had mentioned earlier that this is a blog meant for me to ramble and that is precisely what I'm doing right now - rambling.

When I used to be working in Bombay, like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I used to travel by the local trains and many a times there used to be perverts who used to defile the ladies first class compartments and literally render them unusable. At times the stench used to be so strong that the whole compartment used to go deserted.

I thought I had left those days behind but come to think of it, I would not want to end up sitting on chewed gum or worse still, something that has come out of someone's nose either !!!

No one would !!!!!!!


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