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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shower Stalls or Local Trains

I've been noticing this ever since Appu started taking swimming lessons. After their one hour of swimming all the kids, ably herded by the mothers or grandmothers or the household helpers, rush towards the shower stalls for a good warm shower.

Invariably, as me and Appu head towards the shower stalls, we find one of the local ladies standing bang in front of one shower stall with her bags all over the shower stalls on both of her sides too.

A Reservation System !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just wondering that day as to what would have happened to these locals if ever they are subjected to travelling in one of the local trains in Bombay.

I still remember - sometimes some smart alecs used to spread out newspapers or some such thing and if asked would actually have the cheek and guts to retort "Woh mere friend ke liye hai. Agle station se isi train me chadegi". Not that these used to last for long. If it is a typical Bombayite who is given such a cock and bull story they would just go ahead and say

"Aye madam - chalo chalo - magazine nikalo. Tumko kya lagta hai - baki sab ne paisa nahin diya hai kya - baki sab ne ticket nahin liya hai kya. "

Basic decency prevents many a people from creating a scene at the shower stalls at the swimming group but it does make me wonder if it is this very basic decency that some people take advantage of.


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