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Friday, August 11, 2006

Our Building Management

Citybase (the building management company) used to be extremely prompt when it came to posting notices regarding repairs etc.

For e.g - if, for some reason, fresh water supply or flush water supply was going to be suspended on a particular day they would put up a notice as soon as they got to know about it.

Even if occupants in some other flats were carrying out some repair work that would necessitate stoppage of water supply etc.. they would put a notice in the lobby.

Of late, their notices had begun to appear on the morning of that very day on which the supply was to be suspended. Fair enough !!

A few days back, however, they really took things too far.

We woke up in the morning, only to realise that there was no flush water supply. This continued till late afternoon (when the supply resumed). Checked out the lobby and found there was no notice whatsoever. So just assumed that it might have been some emergency repair.

The next day, a notice had been posted in the lobby which said that "Occupants of so and so floor were having repair work done which required flush water to be suspended yesterday".

Thank you Citybase !!


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