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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

On Plastic Bags and Mother Earth

This happened while I was shopping at the supermarket the other day. There are these notices that one finds all over Hongkong now. Recycle, Save Mother Earth, Help - Our landfills are close to reaching their limit etc....

I mean, nothing wrong with these. Actually as I write this, today, some environment protection group has called for all HKers to switch off their lights (and just about everything else running on electricity) for 3 minutes at 8 pm. They are, I believe, taking this course of action to protest against the government's seeming lack of action towards cleaner skies in HK.

Getting back to where I started, there are notices plastered all over the supermarkets too - Bring your Own Bag etc... basically to cut down on the number of plastic bags that the supermarkets have to dole out if one does not carry ones own bag and eventually these non-biodegradable plastic bags would find their way into one of HK's landfills.

Now there are a lot of people who religiously carry their own bags. And there are some who carry their own shopping trolleys and just load their stuff in. There was this lady right ahead of me in the checkout lane and I heard her telling the staff at the supermarket that she did not need plastic bags - I repeat plastic "bags".

Then she put her stuff on the counter and as the staff started to bill them - she goes - Oh thats cheese - its cold - put it in a separate "cover" please. Oh those are eggs - a "cover" for them please. The plastic covers are non bio degradable too !!

On and on this went and by the time she was through, I was certain that had she requested for plastic "bags" from the supermarket, she would not have carried as much plastic home as she eventually did.

Oh Yes !! Mother Earth does need help and loads of it.................and fast !!!!!!


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