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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nike and a lot more

There's this thing in HK - there's a trend about something and you find anyone and everyone following it. This, of course, is quite a natural thing in most parts of the world. What comes next is not ....

Then come the variations to the original themes ......... whether they make sense or not does not really matter ............

In the case of clothes, I've found a great many HK ites wearing Tshirts with unspeakable words on them ......... and many a times, the fact is that they don't realise what it is they are wearing.

There was this NIKE trend at one time - when everyone and anyone was wearing Tshirts with the NIKE symbol and slogan on it "Just Do It".

Then came the variations which were infinitely more interesting ..........

It began with ladies walking around in Tshirts saying "Just Do Me" ..........

Better still, one day I saw a lady walking towards the MTR station with a bright red Tshirt with the picture of a large yellow banana on it and the slogan on her Tshirt read

"Just Do Yourselves"


Blogger The TAAMommy said...

hahaha. so funny
i lived in hk for 2 years and those are the best days of my life. I lived in quarry bay and the second last mtr station, starting sh, i forget now. i was there between 95 and 97. I knew a Gauri in Pune who was an architect. I was wondering if you are the one by any chance. Chao :

3:44 AM  

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